Better Ads Experience Program Independent Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Certified Companies participating in the Better Ads Experience Program may dispute assessments by Implementation Entities that they have not complied with CBA Standards.

The BBB National Partners (BBB NP), a leader in advertising industry self-regulation, provides the independent dispute resolution mechanism for the Program to resolve disputes between certified companies and implementation entities that assess compliance with the CBA Standards. BBB National Programs has for nearly 50 years operated programs that seek to prevent misleading and unsubstantiated advertising claims, ensure that advertisers follow industry self-regulatory standards and provide platforms to resolve advertising disputes between competitors. The dispute resolution procedures for the Program were developed and will be operated in consultation with the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS), a global platform that promotes responsible advertising through the effective implementation of self-regulatory standards.

Dispute resolution for the Program shall be conducted according to the following Procedures.


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