Google, Facebook and the World’s Biggest Brands Join Together to Improve Digital Ads

P&G, Unilever and others look for an answer to ad blocking The digital advertising world is getting its act together thanks to the ad-blocking epidemic, which is hurting revenues across the industry. The Coalition for Better Ads was announced today in Cologne, Germany, where the Dmexco conference has been taking place this week. The coalition’s…


Google and P&G in Coalition to Police Ad Standards Across the Web

In possibly the broadest attempt yet to fix online advertising so that consumers don’t become obsessed with blocking it, Google has got together with a diverse group of marketers, publishers, agencies and industry bodies to create The Coalition for Better Ads. Other participants include top global marketer Procter & Gamble, Unilever, The Washington Post, the…


Google, Unilever and P&G join coalition aiming to rid the internet of annoying ads

The ‘Coalition for Better Ads’ aims to take on the “Herculanean task” of bringing together advertisers, agencies, ad tech and publishers to come up with global standards on digital advertising to tackle the rise of ad blocking. Google, Unilever and Procter & Gamble are among brands that have signed up to a new global coalition…