Auto-play video and pop-ups named among the most ‘annoying’ ad formats

The report by the Coalition For Better Ads, which includes members such as Procter & Gamble, Google, Facebook, the World Federation of Advertisers and the IAB, is hoping to eradicate annoying ad formats. The Coalition for Better Ads has released its first report today (22 March) as it details the ‘most disruptive’ ad formats for…


Digital Marketing Can No Longer Hit ‘Snooze’ On This ‘Wake-Up Call’

It has been a turbulent week in mainstream news as well as in digital marketing. Amid all the Google bashing that was the backdrop to this year’s Advertising Week in London, however, it might have been easy to have missed the wake-up call the industry was given. It came in the form of Coalition for…


Coalition for Better Ads Publishes New Standards

The Coalition for Better Ads, a global industry-wide consortium representing the digital industry, has published Better Ad Standards for desktop and mobile web that reflect consumer advertising preferences in North American and European markets. The initial Better Ads Standards are based on comprehensive research in which consumers comparatively ranked different ad experiences presented to them…