Coalition for Better Ads: Stop bad online advertising

Die Zeiten von lästig blinkenden Bannern auf semi-professionellen Seiten, wie man sie aus der Anfangsphase des Internets kannte, sind glücklicherweise vorbei. Mit seiner Evolution und der zunehmenden Mobilität wurden aber gleichzeitig unzählige neue Werbeformen möglich. Manche sind pfiffig und unterhaltsam, andere subtil oder eher auffallend – und viele für die meisten Nutzer schlicht nervig....


Coalition for Better Ads and ad-blockers on Chrome, the market is ready for the challenge

Focus su un tema caldo dell’advertising digitale nella seconda tavola rotonda della giornata conclusiva di Programmatic Day(s). A parlare delle nuove guidelines in termini di “annunci pubblicitari accettabili” definite dalla Coalition for Better Ads, e adottate da Google come criterio di filtraggio per il browser Chrome, sono stati Francesco Apicella, co-founder di Evolution Adv, Andrea Ceccoli,...


Sovrn Receives Gold Standard Certification from IAB UK

IAB UK is trying to raise standards in the digital advertising space with its Gold Standard certification. Applying for the certification in the ‘support’ category, ad-tech company Sovrn has now been awarded certification for the IAB UK Gold Standard. As such, Sovrn meets the criteria prescribed for the certification: participation in the ads.txt initiative, carrying the JICWEBS’ DTSG...


Display Advertising Still Strong as Main Driver of UK Publisher Revenue

Display advertising continues to be a significant revenue driver for UK digital publishers as a study reveals publishers’ total revenue grew by 5.6% in the 12 months to December 2017.


Le Monde partners Ligatus for brand safe premium native advertising

The Le Monde group has signed a global partnership with leading native advertising solutions provider, Ligatus in a bid to provide a more transparent sponsored content service to its users across a variety of platforms.


IAB Europe Webinar Recording: Google’s initiatives to support the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards

Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into the “Building better ad experience for users to sustain the free & open web” which encompasses Google’s initiatives to help sustain the ad ecosystem focus on two key areas, being the reduction of demand for ad blocking by busting annoying ads, and addressing existing ad blocker usage through user education and alternative funding choices.


The Ultimate Google Chrome Adblocker Mega Post

The Google Chrome Adblocker is LIVE: Here’s Everything You Need to Know What if every one of Google’s billion plus users of its market leading Chrome web browser had an adblocker? Now they do. As of February 15th, this scenario becomes a reality that needs to be understood and addressed by the world’s digital publishers…


How Google’s Chrome Filtering will operate and how publishers can avoid its adblocking hatchet

Google’s Chrome filter is set to be introduced tomorrow February 15 with many claiming the development will only tighten the online giant’s vice-like grip on the ad-supported internet. However, Google claims this is a misnomer, The Drum listens to its case. According to W3Counter, Google’s web browser Chrome commands a 58.4% market share as of…


A Better Ad Experience on Google Chrome – Coming February 15th

A Step in the Right Direction Soon you may notice a slightly different advertising experience if you use Google’s Chrome browser as it begins to implement the Better Ads Standards starting February 15th. In 2016 DMA joined with an international group of trade associations and companies to form the Coalition for Better Ads with the…



On February 15th, Google released a new ad blocker within Chrome designed to weed out the most annoying and intrusive digital ad formats. Who determines which ads will be blocked and which will live on is the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA)—an independent committee of international online media organizations, advertising trade associations and advertisers with…

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