The Better Ads Standards

The Coalition’s Better Ads Standards identify the ad experiences that fall beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability and are most likely to drive consumers to install ad blockers. More than 150,000 consumers have participated to date in the Coalition’s research to develop its set of Better Ads Standards.



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Better Ads Standards: Least preferred ad experiences

Extensive consumer input and empirical data shaped the Better Ads Standards. While the Coalition’s consumer research was designed to identify the least preferred ad types, it also provides insight into consumers’ evaluation of a far broader range of ad experiences, including those more preferred by consumers. By focusing the definition of Better Ads Standards on the least preferred ad experiences, the Coalition’s methodological approach leaves open the possibility for continued innovation in the development of new ad experiences. Visit the Coalition’s research page to learn more about the other tested ad experiences.

For purposes of the current Better Ads Standards, an “ad” is promotional content displayed on the web as the result of a commercial transaction with a third party.

Learn more about the Content Environments for the Better Ads Standards.

Learn more about the decisions of the Coalition’s Interpretation Panel.

The Coalition has translated the Standards into multiple languages. In cases where the nuances of translation are imperfect, please rely on the English language version.


Using the Better Ads Standards

The Coalition encourages advertisers, publishers, app developers, and advertising technology providers to review its research and the Better Ads Standards, as part of their efforts in the marketplace to improve the online ad experience.

  • Advertisers can use the Better Ads Standards to inform campaign development and execution
  • Publishers and app developers can use the Better Ads Standards to develop improved experiences for their audiences
  • Ad technology platforms can use the Better Ads Standards in the development process for new ad experiences
  • Providers of measurement technologies can use the Better Ads Standards to develop new ways to assess marketplace prevalence of the ad experiences preferred by consumers